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  • Best Smart Garage Door Controllers

    Radio-controlled garage door openers are nothing new. A smart opener gives homeowners complete control over who enters their homes and when (Amazon deliveries come to mind.) What should you know about them and which is the best?

    Posted on October 15 2023

  • Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

    Organizing a garage can be one of the most intimidating tasks you can take on. But with the right tips, tricks and ideas, you can turn your cluttered place into a well-organized and efficient space. Here are 11 garage organization tips, tricks ...

    Posted on February 20 2023

  • Garage Conversion Ideas

    Garages are a valuable piece of real estate, often providing more storage space than any other house on the property. You don’t have to use your garage to park your cars in and storage. You can make that space whatever you please. Here are a ...

    Posted on July 20 2022

  • St. Petersburg Delves Into The Luxury Motocave Industry

    With the help of several prominent real estate developers, St. Petersberg is finally getting its very own luxury car condo community. The 3.75-acre site will have enough space to house 43 high-end vehicles. DDA Development, St. Petersburg ...

    Posted on January 12 2022

  • Current Trends in Garage Design

    When it comes to optimally utilizing different parts of a house, the garage is often underrated and overlooked. On a basic level, they have always been used as a place to store cars, tools, and other large appliances. However, the recent pandemic ...

    Posted on October 28 2021

  • Garages go Big Time

    Garages have been important for quite some time in order to store things and keep our cars safe, but during the pandemic the relative importance has increased.

    Posted on June 22 2021

  • Garage Stats that might surprise you

    One of the most important workstations in your home is the garage. Also known as a carport or a lock-up, it is a surprising fact that many people do not know a lot concerning this essential work area. In this article, we gathered some facts on ...

    Posted on March 16 2021

  • Garage Condos providing Space Solutions

    With the current growing population, people are out searching for affordable alternatives for housing. Condos are growing popular among the urban population because of their locations, pricing, and functionality. Another trend in housing that has ...

    Posted on February 24 2021

  • Garage Cabinets and How to Organize Your Space

    There are many ways one can call a garage – a place where you park your car, the room where you keep the things you no longer need, a storage space. But, no one usually considers it to be a neatly organized place. That changes today with the help ...

    Posted on February 27 2018

  • 4 Seasonal Storage Tips for Garage Tools

    If you’re like most people, your garage isn’t just a place to store your cars: it’s also where a lot of your home improvement or DIY projects take place. And to do that you need tools – but have you ever found your tools feeling a bit, well, ...

    Posted on February 27 2016

  • Garage Renovation Tips

    Having a finished garage can be a terrific way to increase the value of your home as well as create space for entertaining or hobbies. The key to a successful garage renovation is careful planning.

    Posted on February 23 2015

  • Organizing Awkward Garage Items

    The average garage is a wasteland of otherwise useful items that fall out of use for lack of accessibility. The problem with many of the items in our garages is that there is no neat and organized way to store them either on the floor or on ...

    Posted on September 12 2013