Garages are a valuable piece of real estate, often providing more storage space than any other house on the property. You don't have to use your garage to park your cars in and storage.  You can make that space whatever you please.  Here are a few option.  

Garage Conversion Ideas

  • Study Or Workroom:  Although you're not likely to need a lot of storage space for this particular space, there will be a few things you'd like to keep close at hand. If there's room, installing a small sectional that turns this into a workspace is the way to go.
  • Craft Room:  Similarly, turning it into a more traditional space is another excellent way of using it and fitting in with other rooms. Even the smallest craft room will still be big enough for you to get your hobby going.
  • Music Room:  Another excellent way to use it is as a music room, whether you play your instrument or not. There are many things to consider here, from the size of the space to the sound quality and even the ability to record and playback your music. You can make a small practice room an excellent space for drum practice or even bass.
  • Home Office:  You'll have plenty of storage space for office supplies if you convert a garage into an office. You probably won't need much in the way of extra furniture. Just make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in while you work.
  • Home Theater:  Combine this option with another, and you have an optimal home theater. If you're not big on watching movies, a home theater can also be great for playing your music or listening to the radio. The surround sound quality is what you would expect when you see it in a commercial movie theater.
  • Media Room or Game Room:  You can watch your favorite TV shows and listen to your favorite music in this way. You'll have to decide whether to choose TV only or if you want a combination of audio and visual. Just make sure you have all your equipment wired together, which will depend on the size of your room.
  • Event Room:  Perfect for kids' birthday parties or other celebrations, the possibilities for this option are endless. Make sure you get a lovely table and a comfortable chair for the party guests if it's not a family gathering.

Creating a warm and inviting space is one thing. But, with the proper knowledge and access to information, you can create an efficient and functional space to help you achieve your dreams.

Conversion ideas like these are a great place to start. Who knows what type of garage conversion ideas you can come up with? If you have any questions about the subject, please don't hesitate to ask!