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Category: Garage Organization

  • Best Smart Garage Door Controllers

    Radio-controlled garage door openers are nothing new. A smart opener gives homeowners complete control over who enters their homes and when (Amazon deliveries come to mind.) What should you know about them and which is the best?

    Posted on October 15 2023

  • 2023 Home Trend of the Year

    The Cabot home trend forecasts have predicted that outdoor gathering spaces will be the most in-demand trend of the year. With the increasing popularity of home gatherings, 2023 will be a big year for outdoor living spaces.

    Posted on April 18 2023

  • Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

    Organizing a garage can be one of the most intimidating tasks you can take on. But with the right tips, tricks and ideas, you can turn your cluttered place into a well-organized and efficient space. Here are 11 garage organization tips, tricks ...

    Posted on February 20 2023

  • Garage Design Trends

    The garage has traditionally been viewed as untapped real estate, with homeowners eager to improve its use, expand its storage capacity, and incorporate its aesthetic into the rest of the house.

    Posted on November 16 2022

  • Garage Organization Strategy

    The garage is the spot in our house where we store all our extra “stuff.” You know, the things that we don’t have a specific home for and don’t use regularly. But what do you do when it is overflowing with clutter and you can’t park your car ...

    Posted on August 16 2022

  • Garage Conversion Ideas

    Garages are a valuable piece of real estate, often providing more storage space than any other house on the property. You don’t have to use your garage to park your cars in and storage. You can make that space whatever you please. Here are a ...

    Posted on July 20 2022

  • Bike Storage Ideas for Every Situation

    Do you have a bike? If so, you know that finding a good storage solution can be tricky. There are so many different types of bikes and storage needs that it can be hard to find the perfect option. We’ve put together this list of bike storage ...

    Posted on June 20 2022

  • Items that probably shouldn't be stored in the Garage

    Garages’ are usually viewed as a haven for storing anything and everything. While this is not necessarily wrong, there are some items that you should put away to maintain your garage’s integrity and organization. Here is a list of things that ...

    Posted on December 28 2021

  • How to Turn Your Garage into a Game Room: Cool Ideas for Making It Happen

    Garages are great for storing things like bikes, dirt bikes, cars, and other large equipment. But what if you want to turn it into a game room? If that’s the case, then there are some cool ideas for making it happen. Read on to learn more about ...

    Posted on November 28 2021

  • Current Trends in Garage Design

    When it comes to optimally utilizing different parts of a house, the garage is often underrated and overlooked. On a basic level, they have always been used as a place to store cars, tools, and other large appliances. However, the recent pandemic ...

    Posted on October 28 2021

  • The Winner Of The New Garage Design Challenge Is Announced

    According to a recent study, 40 percent of all Canadians are interested in creating a more liveable space within their homes. The concept of the New Garage Design Challenge was to empower and encourage conceptual thought, leaders of new ideas and ...

    Posted on August 24 2021

  • Garages go Big Time

    Garages have been important for quite some time in order to store things and keep our cars safe, but during the pandemic the relative importance has increased.

    Posted on June 22 2021

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