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  • The Winner Of The New Garage Design Challenge Is Announced

    According to a recent study, 40 percent of all Canadians are interested in creating a more liveable space within their homes. The concept of the New Garage Design Challenge was to empower and encourage conceptual thought, leaders of new ideas and ...

    Posted on August 24 2021

  • Garages go Big Time

    Garages have been important for quite some time in order to store things and keep our cars safe, but during the pandemic the relative importance has increased.

    Posted on June 22 2021

  • What Danger Lurks Within Your Garage?

    Most of us don’t consider our garages to be a place where danger lurks. The garage is usually a safe, quiet place that we keep our cars and a catch-all for garden tools and anything else that needs a home, but doesn’t belong inside the house. ...

    Posted on September 28 2020

  • Empty Garages Fixing California's Housing Crisis

    Affordable housing. In California, as in most cities in the world, the words ‘housing’ and ‘affordable’ are rarely used together. If they are, they are compromised by a hitch like a long commute, or an undesirable neighborhood.

    Posted on August 31 2020

  • 2020 Garage Organization System Trends

    When looking to sell a house, many people consider sprucing up the kitchen, bedrooms, and living space, but an essential area that is often overlooked is the garage. It is not only a place to store belongings and vehicles; it can also provide a ...

    Posted on May 28 2020

  • Garage Cabinets and How to Organize Your Space

    There are many ways one can call a garage – a place where you park your car, the room where you keep the things you no longer need, a storage space. But, no one usually considers it to be a neatly organized place. That changes today with the help ...

    Posted on February 27 2018

  • 4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Garage Space

    Before you can start to organize your garage, you’ll have to clean and sort the clutter that often ends up in the garage. You can start with four piles for keeping, donating, selling or trashing items. Make sure that you’re dedicated to these ...

    Posted on March 22 2016

  • 4 Seasonal Storage Tips for Garage Tools

    If you’re like most people, your garage isn’t just a place to store your cars: it’s also where a lot of your home improvement or DIY projects take place. And to do that you need tools – but have you ever found your tools feeling a bit, well, ...

    Posted on February 27 2016

  • Creating Garage Zones for Maximum Organization

    One of the most difficult spaces to organize in any home is the garage. It can be overwhelming to decide where things go and what should go where—oh and we have to leave space for cars, too! A simple way of 

    Posted on September 15 2015

  • Organize Your Garage and Workshop Effectively

    The first step to organizing any space is to determine what the space will be used for and this applies to your garage and workshop as well. What hobbies or needs will this space need to accommodate? Do you need any extra outlets or do you need ...

    Posted on March 29 2015

  • Garage Renovation Tips

    Having a finished garage can be a terrific way to increase the value of your home as well as create space for entertaining or hobbies. The key to a successful garage renovation is careful planning.

    Posted on February 23 2015

  • Bike Storage Ideas for the Garage

    Biking can be a great way of staying in shape and getting from one place to another. While a basic bike can be had for a relatively small amount of money, a good quality bicycle will not be cheap. Specialized bikes such as mountain bikes or ...

    Posted on January 20 2015

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