When it comes to optimally utilizing different parts of a house, the garage is often underrated and overlooked. On a basic level, they have always been used as a place to store cars, tools, and other large appliances. However, the recent pandemic has affected homeowners in a variety of ways, and this can be seen in the many recent garage projects that have been undertaken in the past year.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, people have been spending significantly more time at home. This time has inspired many homeowners to make the most of their garage space, which has in turn led to an increased amount of work for many firms in the renovation business. These circumstances have shaped the market for what people need and want. Gyms are closed, and so people want to turn their space into a home gym. Food and supply shortages have been on the rise, and so homeowners want chest freezers and pantry storage options. Others want to use their increased time at home to sharpen their skills at various arts and crafts, and so they turn the area into an art studio. Every inch of space is precious during a quarantine. This is especially true in states such as California, where the general lack of basements makes this type of available space even more valuable. Normally, the number of projects decreases sharply in the winter, but the effects of the pandemic have made it so that the number of projects has only been rising. This is true to the point that workers have found it necessary to bring their own heaters to work on places with no heating during the coldest times of the year. More people want to this space to be ready for use during future winter seasons.

The costs for different projects will vary based on the materials needed. What is needed will differ based on the personal preferences of the homeowner. Some people may prefer a look that is simple while others may prefer eye-catching colors and unique materials. The beauty in these different requests is that experimentation with styles and materials leads to new trends and ideas. There are already many different concepts that are being considered in terms of the role a garage plays in a living space, especially as people, their needs, and technology are constantly changing. The future looks bright for the world of garage design.