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Best Smart Garage Door Controllers

Radio-controlled garage door openers are nothing new. A smart opener gives homeowners complete control over who enters their homes and when (Amazon deliveries come to mind.) What should you know about them and which is ...

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Developer Has Big Plans for Housing Projects in Naples

In Naples, there are two large projects underway by the same developer. Roers Cos. currently has plans for a senior group housing project and a multifamily apartment complex. Find out more about what you can expect from ...

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Smart Garage Video Keypad

This video garage door opener keypad is extremely similar as all of the old models mounted to the garage except this version has video and works with other smart home devices. The unit is compatible with LiftMaster, ...

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Changes To Expect At Waterside Shops

Located along Oaks Fifth Avenue amidst a breathtaking landscape of flowering shrubs, tropical plants, and dramatic water features, the stunning Forbes Company-owned open-air shopping plus dining destination hosts over 60 ...

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Bike Storage Ideas for the Garage

Biking can be a great way of staying in shape and getting from one place to another. While a basic bike can be had for a relatively small amount of money, a good quality bicycle will not be cheap. Specialized bikes such ...

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Updated in July 2023

Naples Ritz Carlton Reopening

The inviting ambiance of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Naples, welcomes guests worldwide with its grand reopening on 22 July 2023. Boasting a pristine location on the glistening white sands of Florida’s Gulf Coast, the ...

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7 Home Renovations that will Hurt Resale

You may have heard it before – the best way to make a financial return on your home is to invest in it. But as with any investment, there’s always a chance of losing out if you don’t make smart decisions. This can be ...

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2023 Home Trend of the Year

The Cabot home trend forecasts have predicted that outdoor gathering spaces will be the most in-demand trend of the year. With the increasing popularity of home gatherings, 2023 will be a big year for outdoor living ...

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Pickleball is Huge in SWFL

With an estimated 4.8 million participants in 2021, up around 15% from the previous year, Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. This sport gained popularity during the epidemic because it was ...

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Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

Organizing a garage can be one of the most intimidating tasks you can take on. But with the right tips, tricks and ideas, you can turn your cluttered place into a well-organized and efficient space. Here are 11 garage ...

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Both Supply & Demand Drop for Residential Furniture Suppliers

In August of 2022, experts reported that the residential furnishing industry had lost 41% of incoming orders since the previous month. Since then, the decline has persisted and deepened. Orders dropped another 30% in ...

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Cost to Build a Garage

Garages are a popular addition to homes, and for a good reason. They provide a space to store cars and other belongings and a place to work on projects or relax. If you’re considering adding a garage to your home, it’s ...

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