Installation and Setup

Setting up the system is a straightforward process. It can be easily installed by following the instructions and connecting it to your home's Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can control and monitor your parking space door through the MyQ app on your smartphone.

Remote Parking Space Monitoring

First, with this system, you can check the status of your parking space door from anywhere at any time. Whether at work, on vacation, or in another room, you can ensure your parking space is secure and closed properly.

Video Integration

The built-in camera in the keypad offers a live video stream of your parking space, allowing you to see who enters and exits the area. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who receive package deliveries or have frequent visitors to their parking space.

Two-Way Communication

The system enables two-way communication with anyone near the parking space door. Whether instructing a delivery driver or speaking to a family member, this intercom-like functionality adds convenience and enhances security.

Secure Access Sharing

The system allows you to grant temporary or permanent access to specific individuals, such as family members, friends, or service providers. You can easily revoke access privileges when they are no longer needed.

Infrared Night Vision

The video keypad has infrared night vision, ensuring clear visuals even in low-light conditions. Night vision provides an additional level of security during nighttime hours.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever the parking space door is opened or closed. This feature helps you stay informed and promptly address any unexpected activities.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

This system can seamlessly integrate with popular innovative home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. This integration allows for voice-activated control and further enhances the convenience and functionality of the intelligent parking system.


The MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad is a cutting-edge addition to any intelligent home. Its video integration, remote access control, and real-time alerts offer homeowners enhanced security and convenience. Whether you're looking to monitor deliveries, keep an eye on your parking space while away, or streamline your parking space access, this intelligent device is a worthy investment.

Take the first step toward upgrading your parking space security and control with the MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad. Embrace the power of intelligent technology and experience peace of mind like never before.