With an estimated 4.8 million participants in 2021, up around 15% from the previous year, Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. This sport gained popularity during the epidemic because it was simple to pick up, combined elements of tennis and Ping-Pong, and could be played in the fresh air. Pickleball has also gone professional, attracting investors and gaining a TV following. Naples has become the gold standard for pickleball, with almost $5 million invested over the past five years in facilities that are open to the public year-round. Even though SWFL parks and private neighborhoods quickly set up Pickleball courts, the sport's popularity has grown faster than the number of courts available. The sport of pickleball has exploded in popularity in the area, attracting players of all skill levels to the many available courts. Because of how popular pickleball is, exceptional facilities with dozens of courts have been built in some places.

The easy availability of Pickleball courts in SWFL is a significant factor in the sport's meteoric rise in popularity there. Pickleball is much more accessible and convenient than tennis because all you need to play is a paddle and a ball, while tennis often necessitates a lot of space and pricey equipment. The slower tempo and smaller court size make it more accessible to new players and help senior players maintain their competitive edge. The popularity of Pickleball in the region can also be attributed to the sport's social aspects. Many participants highly value the social aspects of Pickleball. Players frequently get together at neighborhood courts for pick-up games or to compete in competitions.

Pickleball continues to rise in popularity across SWFL, even though it is a newer sport than others, like tennis and golf. The potential for Pickleball to draw new residents and tourists has resulted in numerous municipalities in the region adding the activity to their recreational offerings. Anyone in search of Pickleball resources will not be disappointed in SWFL. McCarthy, a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral and commercial real estate entrepreneur, was among the first to take the initiative seriously in 2021. He realized there was room for expansion, so he began exploring investment opportunities. Many clubs and organizations provide lessons and seminars for players of all abilities. He ensured that high-quality indoor facilities like local parks and leisure centers had Pickleball courts open. He launched The Pickleball Club, a company planning to spend $180 million on 15 indoor pickleball clubs across SWFL accessible only to members. A camera system was set up on about 14 courts in each facility so students and coaches could watch the footage later.