Biking can be a great way of staying in shape and getting from one place to another. While a basic bike can be had for a relatively small amount of money, a good quality bicycle will not be cheap. Specialized bikes such as mountain bikes or racing bikes can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Simply leaving a bike propped up on a kickstand for prolonged periods of time is not the best way to care for or store your bikes. Let’s look at a few methods of bike storage to protect your investment and keep your vehicle in good riding condition.

One of the best ways to store bikes is protected from the weather, and if you have a garage, that can be the best way to go. There are several options for bike storage.

Methods of Storage

One method of bicycle storage is with bicycle hooks. These are rubber coated screw-in hooks that can be used on either the ceiling or the wall to hold a bicycle. They are cheap, sturdy, and effective.

Another item that can be used is a slat wall-mounted bicycle rack. These racks screw into the garage wall, and can hold one or two bikes. They sometimes have a shelf that can be used for helmets or other related items. Many of these racks can be folded out of the way when not in use.

A newer option is a freestanding bike rack. This is a tall stand with hooks that works with gravity to hold the bike or bikes off the garage floor securely. The more weight is placed on the rack, the more stability it provides. This is a good option, if, for instance, you are unable or unwilling to attach things to your garage walls.

If you have a good, high ceiling in your garage, a bike hoist system can be installed. This is a ceiling mounted set of pulleys with hooks that attach to the handlebars and seat. The bike is then hoisted to the ceiling for out-of-the-way storage.

For children or anyone who might not be able to use the above ideas, there are bike stands that will hold a bike securely in the upright position in order to keep them stationary and out of the way. These can be had for two or more bikes, and are very easy to use.

Storage for Biking Accessories

Bicycles aren’t the only things that you need to store when you’re riding often. Keeping helmets, headlights, reflective clothing and maintenance items nearby is also important. Having a garage cabinet or small garage storage closet near where you are storing your bike can be helpful for organizing your equipment.

One way of organizing both bikes and equipment is with a slat wall or garage grid system. These systems are either grids of steel or wooden walls with slats in which you can attach hooks, shelves and bins. They offer a wide variety of attachments to accommodate all of your garage storage needs.