Most of us don't consider our garages to be a place where danger lurks since it is usually a safe, quiet place that we keep our cars and a catch-all for garden tools and anything else that needs a home, but doesn't belong inside the house. You might be surprised at what danger lies there, hiding where you can't see, and often times never even seen until there is a problem. This danger is rodents such as mice and rats, and they can be undetectable to you until they have caused serious damage.

Mice and rats make there way in from outdoors, and then initally work their way into boxes and other paper or fabric based items by chewing and burrowing inside to make nests. The bigger problem is when they start to work their way into your automobiles. With more people working at home since the pandemic, there are many more cars sitting in the garage not being used. When cars are idle, they become a place of interest for rodents to explore. If left unchecked, rodents can cause significant damage to your car that may not be noticable at first, but could cause major problems with their continued presence.

Rodents typically will crawl up under the engine compartment, seeking shelter, and will chew through the air filter, and any of the exposed wires they can find. This can lead to issues with not starting, but worse, if the main wiring harness is chewed through, it can make your lights not work, you could have security system issues and many other engine damage problems. In some instances, they have chewed through the main wiring harness, disabling the car, and causing the owner an extremely costly repair bill. If they are able to get inside the interior compartment, they will chew through the fabric seats and carpeting, making another huge and costly expense for the victim.

It is advisable to call in a pest control professional to help rid your garage from rodents at the first signs of evidence that they are present. Since they tend to cause more hidden damage than visable, you want to stay on top of the problem before there is an infestation. You may be able to set a few traps and take care of the problem yourself, but the best defense is to take steps to avoid getting these little pests in your garage in the first place.

There are several easy things you can do to prevent them, such as sealing up small holes and cracks in the building. They only need a small hole to enter, so you have to inspect things carefully when closing up holes. You can also do things like placing mothballs or fabric softener sheets around the garage. The smell will keep rodents at a distance. Finally, start and move your car often. If the engine is hot frequently, they will stay away from the car. With a little persistence, you can proven this danger from lurking behind closed doors.