Radio-controlled garage door openers are nothing new. A smart opener gives homeowners complete control over who enters their homes and when (Amazon deliveries come to mind.) What should you know about them and which is the best?

Benefits Of Garage Door Controllers

Home security is only one of the benefits of using WiFi parking structure door openers. Others are:

  • Your smartphone is both the remote as well as alerting you when someone tries to open the door, such as a burglar.
  • If workmen or deliveries arrive when you’re not there, you can open the door for them and close them when they’re done.
  • You can open the door for kids or family members who’ve lost their keys.

How To Find The Best Smart Garage Door Controller

Word of mouth is still the best advertising. However, since the advent of the Internet, people have climbed over each other to leave on it their opinions about everything. Reading reviews is one of the best ways to make an informed decision about something, such as which is the number one covered parking door controller to buy.

Among the most trusted and reputable websites for anything mechanical are CNET and PCMag. If they haven’t reviewed it, then it doesn’t exist. The CNET review for smart door controllers walks you through the best overall, the best for automatic opening, the best for Alexa, simplicity, and video.

The review then walks you through how to morph an older parking structure door opener into a WiFi controller with handy kits. You’ll need a very strong Internet signal that stretches to the parking structure. Instructions for adding the controller to the network are available.

Before deciding on which controller to buy, consider your needs. What features do you most want on the controller, what actions do you need the platform to perform, and what platforms exist in your home to which you can join the controller? What pros and cons should you know?


  • Great price
  • Compatible with household network
  • Stylish


  • Signal sometimes goes out
  • If you have a third door, you’ll need a separate controller

The Best Smart Garage Door Controller

The controller that tops the charts is the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub (model MYQ-G0401). The first thing most people check is the price. That box gets checked because this opener is affordable. The next box to be considered is compatibility with existing networks, such as LiftMaster and Genie. Check.

The corresponding app is a snap to arrange and use. Use Alexa, Siri, voice control with Google Assistant, or Amazon Key with ease and confidence. If you use Wink, you can come home to a brightly lit house because the controller will turn on the lights.

Attached parking structures are vulnerable. Smart controllers nip this in the bud while allowing family and trusted delivery persons access to the house. They’re affordable, network-friendly, and convenient.