Garages' are usually viewed as a haven for storing anything and everything. While this is not necessarily wrong, there are some items that you should put away to maintain your garage's integrity and organization. Here is a list of things that people store in their garages' but shouldn't:

Certain Types of Gas

Most people who use their garages' to store their cars will also store gasoline in it. This is a horrible idea because certain gases such as propane and natural gas are combustible and, therefore, could cause fires if exposed to sparks from tools or other flammable objects.

Sharp Tools & Objects

This is obvious, but it's worth repeating because people will still try to store their shovels and other sharp yard work items in the garages' instead of the shed or utility room where they belong. You should keep these things as far away from children as possible, so ensure that these items are well covered during storage and kept out of reach.

Non-Working Appliances

You may think that it's okay to store these in your garages' because you can fix them, but if they are broken, they will most likely be a hazard. The best option will be to donate them to a charity or recycling center. It will also help you create space.

Construction Materials

Unless you have been assigned the task of storing these by your employer, it is best not to keep any construction material in your garage since they can cause damage and disorganization over time. In case you do need to store these items, designate an area that will keep them safe. Not only are they hazardous, but if someone doesn't know that they are in there and accidentally runs into them, it could result in a bad accident.

Flammable Items

Certain items such as empty fuel cans and tanks are flammable and could cause fires if exposed to sparks from tools or other flammable objects. If your garage is closer to the house, it may also be a good idea to keep these things away from there in case of an accident/fire.

Toxic Household Products

Anything that may become hazardous in case of an explosion, such as propane tanks, gas cans, etc., could result in severe injuries/ damage, and you shouldn't take the risk.


Even if you store them against the wall, it can also be hazardous since one wrong move will lead to a nasty fall. It is best to put these away altogether or use a wall rack to hang them up securely.


It is not wise to store these in the garage because they can be easily ruined by heat or humid weather. Chemicals such as pesticides, paint thinner, gasoline, and other hazardous materials can easily ruin your stored items if they get too hot in the summertime or become wet from humidity during the rainy season.

Most homes have garages' that contain things that we don't want to be ruined by heat or humidity. Don't store anything you wouldn't want to be destroyed or may cause injury to you or others. The garage should be a safe place for everyone and be used to store the right items..