With the help of several prominent real estate developers, St. Petersberg is finally getting its very own luxury car condo community. The 3.75-acre site will have enough space to house 43 high-end vehicles. DDA Development, St. Petersburg Commercial Partners Realty, and Mosk Development Co., all got together to create "man caves" for incoming Maseratis and Lamborghinis.

The Motocave Tampa Bay condo will be situated right next to the city's housing authority just northeast of I-275.

One of the developers, Scott Clendering, admits that the notion of having a condo for luxury cars is very exciting.

"This is actually my first time ever being involved in a project like this."

Clendering went on to say that Matt Mosk of Mosk Development spearheaded the project. Once he liked what he saw, he brought in Bowen Arnold.

"Both Matt and Scott are great developers. They are both working on several projects around the St. Pete area."

Clendering spoke at length about how accessible the site is. Its location puts it very close to Clearwater Park, Jablil Inc., and a number of malls, restaurants, and residential areas. The condo concept is pretty new for the St. Petersburg area. Tampa has established quite a few over the last several years.

The concept was based on the success of existing projects. As it turns out, most similar condos have sold out in less than six months.

"It was crucial that we find the best builders, architects, and engineers to get the project off the ground, said Clendering. They are the ones who truly got this project off the ground."

The square footage of the units will run from 1,000 to 1,400. They come equipped with a restroom, overhead fan, fire sprinklers, and an optional loft with a steel mezzanine. The giant overhead garage doors will accommodate large luxury SUVs.

The 23-story Nolen condo tower by DDA will break ground sometime in 2022. This condo will not only have parking spaces but will also be equipped with extra space for car collection purposes. This particular condo won't spare any luxuries, according to Arnold. Additionally, there will be a green space, a detail station, and a clubhouse when large events are taking place.

The timeline of Nolen's completion is estimated to be in the next 10 months. Units will go on sale within 60 days. There is no word on the price of the condos as of yet. More information can be obtained at local car shows and dealerships.