The first step to organizing any space is to determine what the space will be used for and this applies to your garage and workshop as well. What hobbies or needs will this space need to accommodate? Do you need any extra outlets or do you need to rearrange things to optimize the space? Make sure these questions are answered, then follow these simple steps to make the space functional and manageable.

Clean the Space

Remove everything including your tools and clean the room from top to bottom. Determine if there are any repairs that need to be made, or any other renovations needed for the space. Depending on what you are using the room for, this could be anything from extra outlets to a finished ceiling or a room divider.

Make a Plan

Plan out where you want things to go. Make sure there are enough outlets for your needs and be certain there is enough storage in the right places. Slatwalls are perfect for tools. Make sure there is enough lighting. If you are working in a garage, make sure you plan space for the vehicles to park.

Do Renovations

You might need to put up drywall, finish a ceiling, add garage cabinets, put up new lighting or install new outlets. Make sure all the improvements made are well done, work with the amount of electricity your circuit board will allow, and make sure everything is clean before you go to the next step.

Move it In

Carefully move in your fixtures, surfaces, and equipment. Walk between things when they are in their planned spaces, and make sure there is enough space to walk between or in front of safely. Be sure lights are well placed. Make adjustments as needed.

Once your space is settled and everything is moved in, there are several steps to make sure your space stays organized long term.

1. Close up Shop

Before you close up for the day, make sure equipment is turned off. Be sure that small items like nails, screws, pins, or needles are in a safe place and off the floor. Make sure all tools are put away, and any works in progress are put away so you know where progress was left off. Use dust covers if necessary.

2. Clean Daily

Dust sawdust off of workbenches, clean off stray thread or discarded pieces of wood, and run a vacuum garage flooring daily. This will ensure that your equipment stays in good condition and that there are no trip hazards. The removal of dust will ensure that the air quality in your work space stays safe and healthy.

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Keep track of any user manuals or warranties for machinery in a small filing cabinet or box in the workshop itself. Maintain a list of repair shops with phone numbers nearby. Keep any tools, lubricant, or oil for maintenance in easy reach. Schedule a time weekly or monthly to inspect all machinery or equipment to be sure they are functioning adequately. With a good routine of maintenance, your workshop should run well for a long time to come.

We can help you get your space more organized we service Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of SWFL.  We provide white glove service that means we can remove everything from your garage get it totally renovated and then move it all back in.  We also partner with local organizers that can help you create a functional plan for your family.