One of the most difficult spaces to organize in any home is the garage. It can be overwhelming to decide where things go and what should go where—oh and we have to leave space for cars, too! A simple way of organizing your garage is to divide it into zones. This way, it’s an easy matter to decide what goes where and it will be easier to find the things you’ve stored in it.

These zones are organized by what type of item goes there, how big the items are, and even how they are shaped.

Large, Infrequently Used Items

These need to be stored in an area that is large enough to accommodate them, and also should be up high to keep them out of the way. These items should be things like Christmas lights and other bulky holiday displays or camping gear – bulky items that are only used occasionally.  We prefer to use either overhead storage to store infrequently used items.

Tall or Thin Items

These are items that can be hung or stored on racks against the wall. Things like shovels and rakes and long thin gardening or yard implements fall in this category. Make sure these items will not harm you or your car when getting in and out of your vehicle.

Frequently Used Items

These items should have a place near the doorway to the garage so they can be found and accessed easily. Things like bird seed, leaf rakes, and sports equipment should be stored here.


If you have a hobby that requires workshop space, the garage is a popular place to create it. Make a center for activities like woodworking or auto repair with a workbench and racks for tools.

Often needed Items

Things that you use every day like canned food or storage areas for things like recyclables should be placed near the doorway going into the house or exiting the garage. This is also a good area for things that are too bulky for the pantry but still need to be accessed regularly like certain appliances or household tools.

Transition Zone

This zone includes things like a coat rack or boot and shoe storage. It should also have a place for bags, and other things that we remove when entering or no longer need once inside the house.  Be sure this zone is staged in a natural place for these things to happen upon entering the home.

Other Things to Take Into Account

Be sure that the people who will be using the specific zones can use them easily. For instance, making sure that children’s sports equipment is at a level where they can reach it is very important. Also, making sure that children cannot get to hazardous chemicals by keeping them off the garage floor if possible.  Keep in mind that how often an item is used should correlate with how easy it is to reach.

With a thoughtful plan and designated zones, you will be able to relax and enjoy knowing that your garage is organized, safe, and convenient.