When looking to sell a house, many people consider sprucing up the kitchen, bedrooms, and living space, but an essential area that is often overlooked is the garage. It is not only a place to store belongings and vehicles; it can also provide a first glance into the lifestyle and hobbies of the homeowner. It can be a place of escape and self-expression and thus should be updated and organized to entice homebuyers to select the property. In 2020, new organization trends for this space have arisen that may help increase a property’s value.

First, garages have become essential storage spaces as housing units continue to decrease in size. Utilizing the space that comes with a property includes organizing every room to optimize storage options. Whether it's by creating loft options, ceiling hooks, or wall cabinets, storage should be optimized and appeal to the homebuyer aesthetically and practically.

Second, a well-organized garage can appeal to male buyers and help them engage in the home buying process that is traditionally dominated by females. Women tend to be the lead decision-makers when home buying. They focus on minute details such as the color of the wallpaper and the styling of the tiles on the bathroom floor. Males often take the backseat to their female counterparts as aesthetic and organizational decisions are made. A finely crafted and inviting environment can appeal to male homebuyers and entice them to become involved in the decision making process.

Third, the space needs to represent the lifestyle of the homeowner. Whether it's extra storage space for bikes, a game room and workout equipment or rows of drawers to store tools, the space should be attuned to the needs of the homeowner. When the needs of the homeowners are met, their belongings can be properly stored and the stress of clutter can be avoided.

Fourth, the garage is an essential area of the house and should be properly utilized for personal use. It should not be thought of as something that merely comes with the property; it should be organized and used like any other part of the house. The space should be used to entice homebuyers to consider the property. It should be outfitted with common organization options such as tool chests, cabinets, wall hooks, and countertops to appear ready for use.

Fifth, they can be a selling point of a house if they are properly maintained and displayed as part of the home investment. The buyers should be able to connect with the space and visualize themselves working there. It should be a place that can easily be envisioned as an escape or a workshop for those looking to buy a home.

Organizing and utilizing the space in a garage is an essential part of presenting a home. It is the gateway into a home and should thus resemble the organization and personalization found inside the house. A well-organized and inviting space can create an immediate connection between the homebuyer and the house and increase the property’s value.