Bentley is known for fine cars, but the brand is expanding in Miami. The company is creating one of the most stunning high-rise buildings in the city.

The building is a luxury beachfront tower made for folks who want to live the dream. There's no doubt this was a strange move for the company that pours its soul into developing luxurious vehicles. Turning to a high-rise apartment tower was definitely unexpected but surely welcomed.

Bentley Residences will be the name of the complex, and it is earning its name. The company partnered with one of the most important architectural firms in the business, Sieger Suarez Architects. They developed one of the most impressive residential towers in the area.

The building is pretty ambitious; it's going to stand about 749 feet, which is pretty impressive. It's going to take some time to fully erect, but it's going to have more than 60 stories, which can help you visualize how big this building is going to be. Having this building face the waters of Miami was a stroke of genius for the company. Most people know the beautiful waters in Miami are virtually incomparable, so it's definitely got a lot of points going in its favor.

The famous British brand wanted to provide a residence that would make the company proud. It dedicated much time to designing this beautiful building, making sure each apartment had something to offer that'll make guests feel like they're living in true luxury.

The company was able to do all of this by making sure it provided a private pool, balcony, sauna, and outdoor shower to each habitant. That's going to feel pretty luxurious, especially since many luxury apartments expect people to share some of those benefits with neighbors but not here. You should know that Bentley didn't forget about the importance of climate change and sustainability. Many of the materials are sustainable, which includes the finishes.

Sustainability is a big deal to Bentley as it is to many companies around the world. Being able to tell guests they're staying in a place that helped reduce the carbon footprint, even a little, is going to be a positive thing.

People are going to feel proud to be there. This could lead to long-term stays, and that's always the goal. The structure is going to have a cylindrical form. You'll also find beautiful, large windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Residents at this complex will have their own garage that can fit more than one car. This should not be surprising. Bentley loves cars, so of course, it's going to offer sufficient garage space.

Residents will fall in love with the spa and gym. The gardens are also going to be spectacular. There's so much in this high-rise residential tower that is part of its charm.