As the cost of acquiring a new home continues to increases, more and more homeowners are considering renovating their current homes. Some homeowners prefer DIY house remodeling, while others are inclined to professional renovators.

Surprisingly, there are home remodel startups holding the hands of homeowners with the courage to dive into house remodeling on their own.

Some home remodelers such as Outfit have developed step-by-step instructions on how to go about specific home remodels. Homeowners looking to renovate their houses can access these guidelines by downloading the Outfit mobile app.

By accessing renovation kits for several projects and guidelines on how to do it, homeowners can do house remodel without conducting constant searches on YouTube.

Although the guidelines won’t make you a home renovation guru overnight, they will help you match the interior of your home with your living style. These instructions were created by renowned architects; therefore, you should not fear testing them.

The founder of Outfit, Janicki, is looking to expand the home remodeling market. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the market has experienced tremendous growth. According to the Harvard Housing Research Center, homeowners spent about $419 billion on home remodeling in 2020 and are estimated to spend $433 billion in 2021.

Integrated Renovation

On the other hand, Eano is building a comprehensive home remodel service for clients who aren’t interested in DIY projects. Stella Wu, the founder of Eano, incepted the organization in 2019 after struggling to build an ancillary residential unit.

The struggle inspired her to create an organization that could bring together individual architects and individual contractors. She focused on developing a platform that could combine resources and offer a one-stop experience for people looking to build an “ADU” or renovate their home.

Stella Wu has it that the pandemic is accelerating the growth of the home remodeling industry, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now that numerous people are working remotely, they are looking for ways to create a home office.

Eano developed a project management software that helps streamline the home renovation process. Their work is mainly to help individuals manage their renovations projects efficiently.

The pandemic is reshaping the industry, and as a result, people are taking less time to decide when to buy a home or renovate their old house. Also, there are lifestyle changes. People now use their homes differently than they did during the pre-covid-19 period. Before the pandemic emerged, a home office was a luxury. Nowadays, a home office is a necessity.