Chevrolet is one of the best-known car brands in the world. It was founded in Detroit in 1911.

Models from Chevrolet include electrified and fuel-efficient vehicles with exhilarating performance, heart-pounding design, passive and active safety features, and simple-to-use technology, all at an affordable price.

Chevrolet recently showcased an entirely new garage design.

This garage renovation is just one example of the creative ways EV customers can feel what they miss by skipping the petrol station by giving them the easy option to enjoy charging at home as more electric vehicles are released into the market.  Charging, or "refueling," an EV at home without being in the way was important.

Many EV drivers reported they missed a few things after hearing for years how much Bolt EV owners enjoy living the EV lifestyle, especially the comfort of charging at home and not having to buy or pump gas.  They specifically miss coffee and candy bars offered at the mini-mart at the gas station.

Since many EV owners now charge their vehicles at home, Chevrolet turned one Bolt EV owner's workshop store into the "ideal EV garage."

Pamela Talley's Garage Transformation

To transform Denver homeowner Pamela Talley's workshop store into a home convenience shop, Chevrolet worked with renowned designer and builder Wendell Holland.

Chevy even conducted a social media survey of its followers to learn their preferred gas station snacks, which it then included in the redesign.  Chevrolet is assisting owners in seeing the chance to rethink their workshop store as many consumers are exploring the switch to electric vehicles.

In reality, Chevrolet simplifies home charging for Bolt EV and EUV users.  For qualifying customers who purchase or lease a Bolt EV or Bolt EUV1 from Chevrolet for the 2022 or 2023 model years, Chevrolet will pay for the basic installation of a Level 2 charging outlet.

Qmerit partnership

Thanks to this partnership, Chevrolet's official EV charging solutions installation partner, the promotion enables customers to access faster charging where they need it.

GM Investment in the EV Charging Ecosystem

While EV owners prioritize home charging, GM invests in the EV charging ecosystem with the Ultium Charge 360.  With the help of this investment, more people will have access to charging at home, at work, in public places around town, in urban areas, and at highway fast-charging stations, enabling long-distance electric driving.

Thanks to this connectivity with more than 11 major charging networks, a Chevy customer using the My Chevrolet mobile app2 can now access more public charging stations.