Storage and Organization Solutions

Overhead Storage

Storage in your garage isn't just limited to the walls. Overhead storage is a great place to store items that aren't frequently used, but still need a spot. We install HyLoft brand storage product, which is the number one seller of overhead storage in the world. HyLoft invented and patented its rugged and durable products over twelve years ago. We don’t trust your valuable items which will be stored above your cars to just any other brand of overhead storage.

All HyLoft products are adjustable in height depending upon the ceiling of your garage. The product is made of solid steel and is powder coated to resist scratching or rusting. The product that we install can hold up to 600 lbs. per rack.  Like  everything we do, our overhead storage has a labor and product limited lifetime warranty.

If you have additional storage needs we can add additional storage space in your garage. This type of flexibility actually allows you to store items above your garage door on many occasions. So if you are looking for strong, stable overhead storage solutions that really work and will hold up to just about any size load or task, give us a call.