Storage and Organization Solutions

Wall Storage

The garage has long been a multi-purpose space and organizing that space can be a challenge. Odd shapes, tall, and very small pieces seem to inhabit all garages. For years, the question was how and where do I put these items? The answer is ORGwall, a strong flexible slat system which allows you to completely customize your garage walls. The slat wall was originally used for retail environments and was actually patented in 1966 and since then has gone through a myriad of changes in material, sizes and accessories.

ORGHome has modified the original design to create the ORGwall hanging system. ORGwall is very innovative, but it is the hanging accessories that really sets the system apart. The hanging accessories can transform your garage walls into completely customizable storage areas. Every inch of the horizontal panels can be used to store items such as ladders, wheelbarrows, bikes, garden equipment, racks, and anything else you want to store in your garage. The accessories include durable hooks, bins, baskets, tool holders, sport racks, recycling bins, golf bag and many others.

Unlike the flimsy systems that others offer, the ORGwall system is waterproof, fire-resistant, UV protected and unbelievably strong. Amazingly durable, the ORGwall system is as functional as it is beautiful.  You are able to arrange and rearrange the ORGwall as your storage needs change over time.

Wall Accessories

We are a dealer of Garage Vac products as well. These light weight easy to install products make garage clean up a snap. To learn more please check out the video below