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Garage Floor Coating

There is a great deal of mis-information regarding floor coatings. So prior to you getting barraged with a whole bunch of technical details I want to cover a few aspects of Floor coatings. No matter what system you decide to use the most important step is the preparation. All manufacturers have a specification on how the concrete should be prepared prior to application. Mechanical grinding is generally accepted to provide by far and away the highest quality garage coating surface.

First, off there is a hierarchy of products that could be used to coat your floor. If you are visual like me check out the chart below for a quick break down.

Non-Mechanically Grinded

  • Paints & H&C Stains (Bottom of the barrel in terms of protection)
  • toppings & tile (Next step up as they offer a little more protection)
  • Tradtional builder grade two part epoxy (High VOC's, 4-5 days to cure, Hot Tire Pickup)

Mechanically Grinded

  • Urethanes (High VOC's, Primarily Industrial applications, Multiple Coatings & take a long time to cure)
  • Ultra fast curing epoxy with built in vapor barrier (Low VOC, Installed in 1 day, 10 times stronger than builder grade expoxy)
  • Polyurea (Is the best product on the market its extreme durability makes it 20 times stronger than epoxy)
Polyurea Floor Coating Solutions

So which solution do I choose? Because the process of doing a garage floor is very involved. If you need us to take everything out of your garage we offer temporary trailer storage to secure your belongings while undergoing the process. If a return to service is important to you then our ultra fast curing epoxy is the best solution. If you are interested in the highest performance ever created and are willing to spend a little more and time isn't as big of a factor then Polyurea is your best option. Our philosophy is to offer only the best products on the market to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you have further questions on what solution would work best for please give us a call.

Floor Coating Process:

  • Diamond grind the garage floor
  • Apply moisture barrier for Polyaspartic garages only
  • Apply a Polyurea base coat or Epoxy base coat
  • Broadcast spray decorative paint chips (We use over 1,600% more chips than your average kit for a high grade professional look)
  • The product dries and cures in 45 minutes
  • We scrape the floor in 2 directions
  • Apply a Polyaspartic top coat (Which provides a lifetime guarantee on color fading)

Garage Coating Finishes

Swan Epoxy Flooring Color Camel Epoxy Garge Floor Color Harvest Polyurea Garge Floor Color Khaki Epoxy Garge Floor Coating Color
Swan Camel Harvest Khaki
Saddletan Garge Floor Color Chestnut Garge Floor Color Monterey Garge Floor Color Autumn Garge Floor Color
Saddle Tan Chestnut Monterey Autumn
Willow Garge Floor Color Gunflint Garge Floor Color Galaxy Garge Floor Color Stonehenge Garge Floor Color
Willow Gunflint Galaxy Stonehenge
Gravel Garge Floor Color Domino Garge Floor Color Pumice Garage Floor Color Garnet Garage Floor Color
Gravel Domino Pumice Garnet
Rapids Garage Floor Color

Garage Floor Maintenance:

It is generally recommended that you maintain your garage floor with a routine program. Thorough sweeping and mopping to remove loose dirt and particles along with prompt removal of contaminants, oil and grease will prevent the floor coating system from early deterioration. For more information on maintenance please refer to the documentation.