Outdoor living is becoming more and more prominent. In recent years, house owners have been putting more time and resources into their outside spaces. And 2020 witnessed a rise in outdoor living interest as a lot of homeowners started figuring out how to utilize their outside spaces. Therefore, the patterns and styles of design for an outside living have been increasingly creative.

The impact of the COVID-19 has changed how people view and utilize their home spaces. Because of the pandemic, people are spending increased time at home thus making outdoor spaces very crucial in their comfort at home. In this article, we will identify various trends which we expect to have an impact on the home outside space this year.

Getting practical with DIY

The do-it-yourself (DIY) became well known in 2020, where house owners were encouraged to get to the ground and handle projects despite the difficulty. And this is a trend that is expected to feature more in 2021. Aided by internet sites like YouTube, ambitious homeowners are becoming inspired and motivated to tackle repairs and projects by themselves. This has helped many to save on time and finances not to mention the satisfaction that comes with successfully doing the project by themselves. Experts in the industry believe that this will grow from being just a trend to a mainstay habit.

Increased water features

The pandemic has also come along with another unprecedented trend; a hike in increased water features like spas and residential pools. Because COVID-19 came with travel limits and abrupt closure of recreational facilities like public swimming pools, property owners are setting up their ponds, swimming pools, and even hot tubs. To achieve a neat and finished look, you surround them with a good composite decking that is cheap to maintain. The beauty of composite decking is that it does not fade in color, rot or even stain needs no additional sealing or sanding.

Outdoor offices

This is by far the top trend forecasted for outdoor work spaces this year. Due to the pandemic, learning and working from home is not going to change anytime soon. This has fueled interest in outside spaces that can be comfortable for professionals and learners alike. Backyard cottages have been in increased demand as well as stylish sheds. Pergolas have also been on the rise notably because of their affordability. Pergolas are easy to install on any yard, and they give the feeling of an outside room. In addition to offering a good shade, they also help in the visibility of display devices like laptops.

Comfortable home staycations

Significant reduction in local and international travel has had homeowners wanting to recreate the grandeur of luxury resorts in their homes. Outside facilities like the water features, fire tables, and composite cladding are being brought in to complement luxury towels and buxom pillows to provide the home surrounding with the feeling of a lavish staycation.

These are just some of the trends and more will be coming up given that the outside space can accommodate a lot of versatility and creativity.